URL & Sitemap Factors

These factors relate to URL formats and the use of XML sitemaps:

URL & Sitemap Factors

1=strongest factor; 8=weakest

OpEd Commentary:

“The Google News Sitemap: Learn it. Know it. Live it.” - AJ Kohn

“It’s highly effective to have general and news sitemap set up for stories on media sites” – Eleanor Hong

“If you’re not using a Google News Sitemap you need to use the 3 digits in your URLs” – Marshall Simmonds

“Keywords in URLs are becoming less effective as they proliferate” – Adam Audette

“In general, we still see better results from creating a new page for story updates than by updating a previously submitted URL.” - Matthew Brown

“Use of the same URL when updating an article is another church/state issue for SEOs. Most editors just want to update the same URL/same page where as SEOs may encourage new articles” – Eleanor Hong

“If it’s a substantial change to the story, then it’s best to create a brand new page” – Simon Heseltine